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Thank you for you interest in attend one of our weekly events! By filling this form you will hold your spot for the event of your preference. Please provide your phone number and email always so you can receive my updates and news.


Way to go!

Cecilia, Dc Salsa Queen 

EN: You information is save and my site is secure, all you data will be used just in my email marketing campaigns and promotions. ES: Tu informacion esta segura en mi sitio web, al llenar este formulario podre enviarte invitaciones a eventos y mas.


Which event would you like to attend?

Dates: Locations for classes are in Alexandria and Woodbridge. Please specify which one you will be attending 

Thank you for your registration! I will contact you if I have any update, see you the day of the event! If you need to change your registration request please call or text: (703) 597-7192



  • Bring comfy shoes

  • High heels are ok as long they are comfy

  • You can bring a guest or a group of friends, just make sure that each one will pay per their Floor Fee if applies.

  • Bring water, being hydrated is important, if our events are in restaurants, no worries! They have plenty drinks' options to offer you.

  • Remember being on time so the fun can last more!

  • Bring your best smile and prepare for our photos and videos! 

If you have more questions you can send your doubts and concerns here.

See you soon!

Group classes are open for all ages.

You will get FIT and CONFIDENT while having tons of FUN doing it. DANCING reduces stress, boost immunity and helps you look younger and healthier and nothing better than bringing the COMMUNITY together!

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